Mode: Regular and Rapid Bus Line

Date Inaugurated: March 21, 2005

Neighbourhoods/Municipalities serviced: Pierrefonds, Sainte-Geneviève, Ville de Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Ville de Pointe-Claire, Ville St-Laurent (Montréal)
Métro Station(s) serviced: Côte-Vertu
Commuter Train station(s) serviced: none
Related Bus Routes: 216 TRANSCANADIENNE

In the foreground:
NovaBus LFS 28-102 for the STM operates on the 470 line at overcapacity, heading eastbound after stopping at Fairview Terminus, August 31, 2010.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

In the background: The itinerary of bus route 470 which makes no stops along Autoroute 40 near Halpern Street overpass, February 8, 2012.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

The 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS is a rapid bus route for the Société de transport de Montréal in operation since March 21, 2005 and is one of 31 bus routes from the 10-minute max network. This bus route was created as a solution to improve the bus network in the West Island with a more direct link without transfers between the Pierrefonds-Ouest area, Fairview bus terminus, and the Côte-Vertu Metro station via Boul. Saint-Jean and Autoroute 40. Between its first day of service and October 26, 2007, the 470 functioned during peak-hours only, from 6am to 9:30am and from 2:45pm to 6:50pm. The “programme d’amélioration de service pour le transport en commun” (PASTEC) permitted the STM to extend service between both peak-hour periods, from 9am to 3pm, as of October 29, 2007 on bus routes 470 and 194 MÉTROBUS RIVIÈRE-DES-PRAIRIES. The instant success of the 470 bus route posed a challenge for the STM to meet the demand of customers by increasing the hours of operation – on weekday evenings (March 2008); on weekends between 6:20am and 6:30pm (Sept 2008) – rare for an Express / Métrobus line; and finally daily trips connecting the first and last departure and arrival of the Métro (Summer 2010). The itinerary on the 470 bus route would pass by a number of interest points with a shorter travel time in contrast with before the creation of this line. These attractions included: Vieux Saint-Laurent, the Fairview Pointe-Claire Shopping Centre, CÉGEP Gerald-Godin (by walking distance) and also Cap Saint-Jacques Nature Park (with a transfer onto bus route 68 West along Pierrefonds Boulevard).

One bus heading southbound on the 470 bus route at the corner of Saint-Jean and de Salaberry Boulevards, looking northwest, February 10, 2010.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

Important Points of Interest: CÉGEP Gerald-Godin; Sportplexe 4Glaces de Pierrefonds Arena; Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School; Centre Médical Médistat; Centre Médical Brunswick; The West Island YMCA; Complexe Pointe-Claire; Fairview Pointe-Claire Shopping Mall; Centre d’achats Norgate; Vieux Saint-Laurent.

Detailed Route Map (up-to-date):
Boul. Gouin / Usine de filtration (terminus before 3pm); Boul. Gouin; av. du Château-Pierrefonds; Boul. de Pierrefonds (terminus after 3pm); Boul. St-Jean; Boul. Brunswick; Fairview Terminus loop (bus stop with bus 216); Boul. Brunswick; Boul. St-Jean; Trans-Canada SOUTH service road; Autoroute 40 EAST; exit 62 via Boul. de la Côte-Vertu EAST; rue Gohier; Terminus de la Côte-Vertu. [470 via Terminus Palomino (various departures) via Pierrefonds Boulevard and regular route toward Côte-Vertu Métro Station].
Rue Gohier (terminus at former 174 bus stop – Quai 14); Terminus de la Côte-Vertu; rue Gohier; Boul. de la Côte-Vertu; Transcanadienne service road WEST; Autoroute 40 WEST; exit 52 – Boul. St-Jean, via Trans-Canada NORTH service road; av. Fairview [Hervey]; Boul. Brunswick; Fairview Terminus loop (bus stop once occupied by bus 419); Boul. Brunswick; Boul. St-Jean; Boul. de Pierrefonds; rue des Cageux; Boul. Gouin until l’Usine de filtration (Terminus before 3pm); Boul. Gouin; av. du Château-Pierrefonds until Boul. de Pierrefonds (Terminus after 3pm). [470 via Terminus Palomino (various departures) – same routing starting from Côte-Vertu Métro Station until Pierrefonds Boulevard directly toward Palomino Street].

Evolution of the Bus Route (former and present):

Important Dates for the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS:
March 21, 2005: A new peak hour bus route, the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS was created to directly link northwestern Montreal Island communities with the Côte-Vertu Metro Station swiftly via Fairview Terminus, eliminating any transfers. Service was available during peak hours, from 6am to 9:30am in the morning, as well as from 2:48pm to 6:50pm in the late-afternoon with a bus passing every 10 to 15 minutes. The 470 Bus Route takes over the Saint-Jean Boulevard portion of the 216 TRANSCANADIENNE peak hour service between Fairview Terminus and Pierrefonds Boulevard.

Image courtesy from: Archives de la STM

Starting from Chateau-Pierrefonds Avenue, the bus route makes limited stops on Boul. Pierrefonds; local stops on Boul. St. Jean; Fairview Terminus; and the Boul. Brunswick/Boul. St-Jean stop before running express (non-stop) to Côte-Vertu Métro station. Travel time is about 45-50 minutes, only 20-25 minutes between the Fairview and Côte-Vertu Terminuses. Before this improvement, travel time between the corner of Saint-Charles and Pierrefonds Boulevards and the Côte-Vertu Métro Station (for example) was at least 60 minutes long during peak hours – with at least one transfer. The clientele targeted for this line included workers from the east and central parts of the city travelling to the West Island; workers and students travelling to Downtown, the line 2 (orange) corridor - WEST branch and the former city of Saint-Laurent.

June 20, 2005:
After only three months of operation, the STM announced survey results that were conducted aboard the new bus lines, like the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS in !nfoSTM from the Métro Newspaper with this line receiving an extraordinary satisfactory rate of 96% by its clientele with about 20% - new clients in the network. The article noted that a large number of people were waiting a very long-time for a faster, more direct service between the north-west part of the island and the Métro with no transfers.

The bus stop in front of the Pierrefonds Water Filtration Plant on Gouin Boulevard, August 18, 2012.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

October 29, 2007: As part of the new service improvements programme with financial support from the Quebec Public Transit Policy (a five-year provincial initiative); the STM added extra service hours to the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS between peak hours (9am to 3pm) with an average frequency of 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the west terminus in the morning for the 470 bus line was modified to start in front of the water filtration plant on Gouin Boulevard with a number of new departures. No changes were made to the west terminus stop in the late-afternoon. Several weeks after the improvements were made, the demand for this service outside peak hours would explode with every passing departure near capacity.

March 31, 2008:
In response to the increasing demand by its clients, service hours on the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS was expanded once again. Morning peak hour service runs frequently at every 5-6 minute intervals on the eastbound direction between 6:45am and 7:30am. Also, more departures were added during the midday, running every 15 minutes in both directions; and in the early evening until 9pm, running every 30 minutes to help post-secondary students and employees at the Fairview Pointe-Claire Shopping Centre.

NovaBus LFS 28-084 for the STM turned onto Pierrefonds Boulevard at the corner of Saint-Jean Boulevard, heading west, October 15, 2012.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

September 6, 2008:
The 470 bus route progressed uniquely to become the first Express or Métrobus route to run on weekends between 6:20am and 6:30pm. This improvement co-insides with the start of extended Sunday morning service on most West Island bus routes (beginning at 7am instead of 9am). The frequency would be every 23-30 minutes on Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

March 30, 2009:
More service improvements are implemented in which eastbound service run every 12 minutes between peak hours; and westbound service run every 10 minutes between 3:45pm and 6:45pm, as well as every 20 minutes until 9pm.

March 29, 2010:
The first eastbound departure from the Water filtration plant terminus would be at 6am, instead of 6:06am.

June 21, 2010: After just over five years of the pilot-project, the STM would thank its clientele for making the 470 bus route successful by once again increasing the operating hours to include early morning departures Monday-Friday, starting at 4:38am eastbound, and 5:30am westbound (early trips on the weekend would be added on August 30th). As well, late evening departures become daily with the last departure eastbound at 11:37pm (12:05am Saturday), and westbound at 1:30am (1:58am Saturday). This corresponds to meet the first and last Metro departures and arrivals. This improvement officially makes the express route permanent in the bus network.

A very long lineup for the 470 line at Côte-Vertu Terminus in the late afternoon of November 25, 2011. The huge popularity for this rapid transit line helped increase the level of ridership for the STM from the north-west part of the island with a direct and more frequent link to the Métro and the demand for all-day service.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

August 30, 2010: The 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS is now part of the new 10-minute MAX network along with 30 other busy bus routes. This line would operate at 10-minute or less between 6am and 2pm to Côte-Vertu Metro station and from 2pm to 9pm toward Fairview Terminus and Pierrefonds. However, an error was made in the printed schedule for Fall 2010, leaving out the promise of the 10-minute MAX eastbound in the morning after 7:30am with a frequency of every 15 minutes and then every 10-12 minutes after 9:15am. The westbound direction would benefit with an improvement of service every 10-11 minutes during the same period. The error for the 10-minute MAX network eastbound was resolved for the Winter 2011 schedule. By then, service was improved during the morning rush hour – eastbound between 7:30am and 8:02am (Water filtration plant stop), with a frequency of every 7-9 minutes, and then every 10 minutes or less afterwards until 2pm.

September 5, 2011:
Service improvements are made to bus route 470 – with a frequency of every 7-9 minutes between 9:30am and noon eastbound, and every 5-8 minutes between 3:30pm and 8pm westbound during the week. Also, a bus would come every 15-21 minutes going eastbound during Saturday mornings; between 10-15 minutes Saturday afternoons; and every 12-15 minutes during mid-afternoon Sunday heading west / 20 minutes heading east.

First day of operation along the new reserved lane on Saint-Jean Boulevard southbound during the morning peak hour, August 20, 2012.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

August 20, 2012: The new reserved lane on Saint-Jean Boulevard became operational for the first time by the STM between Pierrefonds Boulevard and Labrosse Avenue. Buses, taxis and carpool vehicles (2 people or more) can take the lane on the right side, from 6am to 9:30am southbound, as well as from 3:30pm to 6:30pm northbound. Lines 201, 205 and 470 would benefit with time gains during peak hours. 

January 7, 2013:
In an effort to encourage public transit use by the STM, almost every second bus on the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS now serves a commuter parking lot near Château-Pierrefonds Avenue and the Palomino bus loop at the western end of Pierrefonds Boulevard in the Heritage-sur-le-Lac area. Certain 470X trips from Palomino Street operate between 6:24am and 5:39pm (eastbound) and return from Côte-Vertu terminus between 6:23am and 10:40pm (westbound), Monday to Friday; as well as during middays on Saturday and late Sunday afternoons.

March 25, 2013:
According to the Spring PLANIBUS schedule on the 470 line, some departures serving the Palomino terminus were clarified for the weekday: operating between 7:17am and 11:23pm. At the same time, several new departures were added for the 485 EXPRESS ANTOINE-FAUCON line during morning peak hours.

November 25, 2013:
The length and hours of operation of the reserved bus lane on Côte-Vertu Boulevard was extended, now in both directions between Autoroute 40 and Marcel-Laurin Boulevard, Monday to Friday - 6:30am to 9:30am and 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

December 2, 2013:
A new westbound bus stop was added on Fairview Avenue at the corner of Brunswick Boulevard. It’s now the first stop after the non-stop highway stretch prior to Fairview Terminus. 

Something new for the 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS - two articulated NovaBus LFS Artic buses for the STM operating eastbound on this line  via Auto-Plaza Avenue toward Brunswick Boulevard, the morning of January 6, 2014.
Photo: J.J. Rodriguez

January 6, 2014 (updated):
With the commissioning of NovaBus Artic buses into service on bus route 470 EXPRESS PIERREFONDS, some bus stops at both Fairview Terminus and Côte-Vertu Terminus were put into place. At the Côte-Vertu Terminus, the bus stop for the 470 was relocated from bay 12 inside the bus terminus to bay 14 on Gohier Street. At Fairview Terminus, the 470 bus line would no longer run inside the terminus as it would be a challenge to securely operate the articulated buses. The eastbound bus stop would be situated at the panel formerly occupied by bus route 217 on Brunswick Boulevard with a detour along Labrosse and Auto-Plaza Avenues. The westbound bus stop would be situated at the corner of Brunswick Boulevard (east) and Auto-Plaza Avenue. To reduce the travel time on the route, eastbound 470 buses will no longer serve the two bus stops at the corner of Brunswick and Saint-Jean Boulevards.

As safety concerns grow regarding the limited access to get to these on-street bus stops from inside the Fairview Terminus by transit users, according to a number of news sources, a spokesperson at the STM has clarified that the changes were temporary until physical modifications are to be made in the short-term inside the terminus to accommodate the articulated buses.

At the Fairview bus terminus, January 13, 2013, the STM allowed for the articulated buses on bus route 470 to roll inside with several changes made to a number of bus stops affecting bus routes 206, 217 and 419 in order to improve the safety of transit users within the vicinity of the terminus.
Photos: J.J. Rodriguez

January 13, 2014:
The STM place in effect readjustments to several bus stops at Fairview Terminus after agreeing that the operational conditions of the two bus stops for the 470 line on Brunswick Boulevard were inadequate. These bus stops would return inside the bus terminal: eastbound 470 at the bus bay with the 216; westbound 470 at the bus bay just before the terminus exit (regular bus stop of the 419 bus route). To accommodate the safe operation of the articulated buses inside the terminus, the bus stop for the 217 right behind the 216/470 EAST stop was moved outside the terminus to the bus stop on Brunswick Blvd west at the corner Auto-Plaza Avenue (already used by the 219). Also, the loading of passengers onto the 419 line will be on Brunswick Blvd. east, ahead of the 201 SOUTH/485 EAST bus stop and the 206 bus stop inside the bus terminal was moved to the bus bay with the 205 bus line. Sometime later on, eastbound 470 buses would once again follow its original route before entering Fairview Terminus in order to serve a bus stop at the northwest corner of Saint-Jean and Brunswick Boulevards instead of using Labrosse and Auto-Plaza Avenues. The cancellation of the bus stop for the 470 EAST at the southwest corner after leaving the bus terminal is maintained.

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First Published by: J.J. Rodriguez, September 4, 2012
Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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